Kratom Soap manufacturers and consumers, LOVE (Mitragyna Speciosa) "KRATOM" Soap, due to its exceptional exfoliating & cleansing properties. Recommendations: Use Super M.D King Kong for wake up showers and baths.  Use Red Sumatra Tea Tree for calming and relaxing baths before sleep. made with Pure High Quality Kratom Powder, Honey, Australian Tea Tree, Exotic, Luxury & Fragrant Oils. we guarantee you'll fall in LOVE with our Kratom Soap. This all natural soap is handmade for ABEER HM&B, and uses our very own ABEER HM&B Kratom Soap Powder to make it! Other ingredients include:   Essential oils, coconut, olive and seed oils. All Natural colors; no dies. This soap smells fantastic; with Kratom and all these Essential oils it really helps give your skin a healthy soft natural glow.

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