SMOQ 0%-5%-6% SALT NICOTINE 1.3ML DISPOSABLE POD DEVICE The Smoq Disposable kit is great for the beginner vaper or the on-the-go active vaper. All the great things about vaping made simple, ready for use right out of the packaging. The Smoq contains 1.3ML of Delicious e-liquid with a 5% (60 mg) nicotine level. Flavors: Lush Ice 5% Refresh yourself with this amazing freshly riped juicy and sweet watermelon flavored e juice! 3 in stock O.M.G. 5% (Orange, Mango, Guava) is loaded with the triple-layered flavoring of juiciest orange sweetest mangoes and red-ripe grapefruits to turn your day a miracle. Add a fresh look to your vape collection, while choosing this innovative and easy-to-carry disposable pod with a suitable slim design. 2 in stock Pink Lemonade 5% Savor the juiciness of plump lemon flavor each time you take a hit from our pre-loaded device! 6 in stock Lychee Ice 0%/6% The rich and tropical flavor of lychee benefits greatly from the icy blend of mint and menthol which coats the exhale. The floral notes of lychee are unmistakable throughout, and provide a sweet counterbalance to the smoothing mint. 6 in stock Fresh Mango 0% When you inhale, the smooth, sweet taste of mango coats your tongue and leaves a pleasant fragrance behind. The fresh, tropical-inspired flavor crests as you start to exhale and ends with the same aftertaste you get from biting into a juicy slice of mango fruit.

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